Meshack Lufile is a 6’9 Canadian/Congolese professional basketball player from Burlington, Ontario. Meshack has played professionally in The Netherlands, in Romania, and in Canada. In his free time, he enjoys inspiring the next generation and being a role model for youth which is displayed in his many years of volunteer service at kids’ camps and his experience in social work.  Meshack loves getting out into the community whether that means public speaking, reading to children or coaching them on and off the court.

Meshack’s life and career are led by his faith. Son of Pastor Benjamin Lufile, he credits his success to God. Meshack leads a 300+ person prayer group on Facebook and his commitment to his faith is always present in the way he carries himself and remains consistent across all of his social media platforms. 

In addition to The Gospel, basketball plays a massive role in the Lufile family. Meshack was inspired to play basketball by his older brother, Congolese National Team and Wichita State University alumni Chadrack Lufile. But basketball runs deep in this family. Meshack also has another professional basketball playing brother, Abednego and a third brother Elijah who is the captain of the NCAA Division 1 basketball team at Oral Roberts University. The four brothers together form The Lufile Legacy.



Cape Breton University Capers, USports, Canada


Aris Leeuwarden, Dutch Basketball League, Holland, The Netherlands


CMS Miercurea Ciuc, Romania


uhm vsk csikszereda, Romania


Halifax Hurricanes & PEI Island Storm, NBL-Canada


Guelph Nighthawks, Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL)


Newfoundland Growlers, Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL)

The shadow of Meshack Lufile’s character always seemed to take up a bit more space than his massive and lanky frame.

Cape Breton University, Head Coach Matt Skinn

Fan Love

Meshack loves interacting with fans and takes every opportunity to engage with them as much as possible!

The most memorable moment of my career was in my first pro regular-season game, I hit the game-winner for my team when I played in the Dutch Basketball League, something I always saw on tv and you replay those moments from the NBA guys and top pros and for me to do it was special.

Meshack Lufile